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Photos and video, 43106, 34027, 80072, 34053 Kidderminster, 09/12/17 -1

A sprinkling of snow made a change for the videos and photos today. I wasn’t able to get there until lunchtime but at least it was a drier day than the previous week.

Link to video

43106 will work a later train, Kidderminster 09/12/17

The Coalyard Miniature Railway was busy, Kidderminster 09/12/17

34027 arriving, Kidderminster 09/12/17

80072 will work a later train, Kidderminster 09/12/17

34053 arriving, Kidderminster 09/12/17

80072 departs, Kidderminster 09/12/17

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…continued, Arley, 03/12/17 -4

Final video and photos from Arley, and it was getting darker.

Link to video

34027 Arley. 03/12/17

34027 Arley. 03/12/17

7802 Arley. 03/12/17

80072 arriving at Arley. 03/12/17

7802 Arley. 03/12/17

80072 Arley. 03/12/17

80072, my final shot of the day, Arley. 03/12/17

Link to photos and video of Santa trains at Kidderminster on 09/12/17

Photos and videos of 7714 at Kidderminster, 28/12/16

The Railway had been busier than expected and a fourth set was added to the timetable, hauled by recently overhauled Pannier tank no. 7714. I had seen it in steam earlier in the month at Kidderminster when I filmed the Santa trains but it didn’t move during the time I was there. The 3 photos below show the train arriving, running round and finally departing. There is also a video playlist showing the 3 clips – YouTube video




You can now send an e-card from Sharpo’s World gallery

Something else that has been switched off for ages, but I have reset it. It’s not something I would normally use, but it is a fun way to send an e-mail photo to somebody. It’s just the intermediate size image, so doesn’t take ages to send, or for the other person to receive it.

When I receive a card, my e-mail does not display it, but there is an option to click an alternative link & it should display correctly. If it works for you & you like it, use it.

Some new options in the main Sharpo’s World gallery

I was browsing through the setup for the gallery & noticed a couple of things worth trying. Firstly, I activated “Sidebar”. I wasn’t sure what it would do or if it would be useful, but it could be helpful to people. I use Firefox for browsing and found no problems with setting it up. It adds a link in “Bookmarks” and makes it easy to browse the albums by title, without waiting for images to load on the main part of the page. It is also easy to perform a “search” of the gallery. My version of IE doesn’t seem to work quite the same way as Firefox (using XP computer) as the sidebar index is on the main screen, but as I rarely use IE…….

The other option is “By date”. Click on that and it shows a calendar, which shows dates on which images were uploaded (not the date they were taken!) so an easy way to see new photos since your last visit!

There is also now a link to “Sharpo’s Blog”. All of these additions are in the main menu at the top of the page.

I’ll probably alter the other “Midlands” gallery soon.

New version of “Lightbox” in my Sharpo’s World gallery

You may have used the previous version for viewing the larger size images. This time I have set it to automatically start a slideshow if you view a large image, but just click the “||” button to stop the slideshow (bottom right below image)

It also works with my Android smart phone, once the slideshow starts I can decrease the size of the image so that it fits on the screen. I obviously don’t know how it works on other smart phones though.

The slideshow is set to a maximum of 400 images, which I’m sure is more than enough for anybody!!

I hope you find it useful, any problems with it – let me know.

Photos of “road vehicles”, an addition to the Blog

It has been over a year since I last went to a traction engine rally and the only “road vehicles” I seem to take photos of these days are those seen at events on the Severn Valley Railway. As I have thousands of photos from the rallies, it seems a shame not to look back through them occasionally & add some of them to these pages.

There is no real plan of action at the moment. I’m hopeless at identifying cars & lorries, but have a good reference book for steam road vehicles, so that is a good place to start. A few minutes ago I added a post with a photo of a Sentinel steam wagon/bus, it is the same size as the train photos, which seem to fit these pages well. There is also a link to other photos of that vehicle as seen in the gallery.

As I only see trains 2 or 3 times a week, perhaps on the other days I’ll post a photo of a road vehicle. It might spur me on to sort through the many photos that have never been uploaded or perhaps even organise the ones with no captions in the gallery. We’ll see how it goes.

My “home page” improved, I hope!

Perhaps I’m too fussy, but what might look good one day doesn’t look so good the next time you look at it. I’ve been think about changing the appearance of the home page for a long time, but adding photos to a gallery is more interesting than trying to design a page.

Spent many hours today working on it & uploaded it this evening:-

Don’t forget to “refresh” your browser page, otherwise you might still be looking at the old page!!!!

The counter goes over 1 million “photo views”

Yes, it’s taken 3½ years since the gallery was started in January 2006 for the counter to go over the million mark. Could probably have done it sooner if I’d plugged my photos more often in forums & e-groups, or even kept up to date with uploading photos – but what does it matter!

Let’s hope that one day I reach the 2 million mark, and beyond…….