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At long last, he’s upgraded my Border Terrier Photo Gallery (says KC)

My Dad must be getting old, it has taken him nearly a week to upgrade the Coppermine photo gallery to the latest version.

Oy, KC – stop being cheeky! Dogs just don’t understand how complicated this can be. It has taken me a long time to make some alterations that will hopefully improve the gallery. As yet, I have not added my usual yellow background to much of the page, but it does show around the thumbnails in the filmstrip and around the “intermediate” image. One new feature is an arrow at the top & bottom of the fimstrip, enabling you to move up or down the thumbnails before you select a larger photo to view. Another feature is using the keyboard “arrows” (left arrow moves to previous image, right arrow to next image, down arrow switches file information on or off & finally the up arrow takes you up a level, which is from images to albums. Probably haven’t explained that very well, but give it a try.)

Finally, it should be possible to add comments again. I switched that off years ago, due to all the usual spam, but hopefully most of it will be filtered out, but I’ll see how that goes. Any rubbish that does get through is easy to delete.

Click the link & see how it looks!

Wouldn’t go on the train!

My Dad took me up the local station for a ride on the train. It turned out to be a noisy diesel – I wouldn’t go on it! I prefer steam trains.

( good job “Dad” didn’t have to buy a ticket, as he would’ve been most upset at wasting money!)

They took me on the train today

Yesterday, my walk was just round the local park, then they put me in my cage and went off to the railway without me.

Today though, I had a treat. We went to Arley, but as it was starting to rain the walk along the riverbank was cut short and we went up to the station. They took me on the train to Highley, there was just enough time for a quick walk down to the river before catching the next train back to Arley.

One disappointment though, the calves weren’t close to the fence where we parked the car at Arley, so I didn’t have a chance to see them. Maybe next week?

Hey, I went on the train today!

Caught the train at Arley, to travel to Highley. “Uncle Dave” was a guard on the train, he gave me some fuss at Highley before his train left. Think the loco was 7812.

Later on we saw the “Duke” with 10 coaches, then back to Arley on the train. Saw “Uncle Rob & Auntie Anita” on that train, they also made a fuss of me. Not very good with numbers, but 4566 might have been our loco.