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Not the usual “KC Christmas card” for 2020

2020 has not been a good year, for many reasons, and for KC it was her last one. Her final trip to the vet was on August 17th, but a couple of weeks later I had to call in there again to collect “her”! We had arranged for her to be cremated and she was coming home as a “memory bear”! She will always be with us and now sits with the other teds, suppose you might say we couldn’t “bear” to be without her!! She is the biggest of the bears on the card.

This won’t be the sort of Christmas any of us are used to, but let’s make the most of it.


KC has some teeth out!!

We’ve never managed to keep her teeth clean and plaque was taking its toll. About 7 years ago she had to spend a day at the vet for a descale and nearly 7 years later the time had come again. At a recent check up with the vet, it was pointed out that her breath was very bad, we did know!! She was then booked in for another descale.

When we collected her in the afternoon the vet showed us three teeth that had to be removed. One did look very bad with a hole through the side of it. Fortunately she didn’t look too upset and as soon as she was back home she was eating her food. Her mouth obviously wasn’t causing her any problems following the removal of the 3 teeth.

At long last, he’s upgraded my Border Terrier Photo Gallery (says KC)

My Dad must be getting old, it has taken him nearly a week to upgrade the Coppermine photo gallery to the latest version.

Oy, KC – stop being cheeky! Dogs just don’t understand how complicated this can be. It has taken me a long time to make some alterations that will hopefully improve the gallery. As yet, I have not added my usual yellow background to much of the page, but it does show around the thumbnails in the filmstrip and around the “intermediate” image. One new feature is an arrow at the top & bottom of the fimstrip, enabling you to move up or down the thumbnails before you select a larger photo to view. Another feature is using the keyboard “arrows” (left arrow moves to previous image, right arrow to next image, down arrow switches file information on or off & finally the up arrow takes you up a level, which is from images to albums. Probably haven’t explained that very well, but give it a try.)

Finally, it should be possible to add comments again. I switched that off years ago, due to all the usual spam, but hopefully most of it will be filtered out, but I’ll see how that goes. Any rubbish that does get through is easy to delete.

Click the link & see how it looks!