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SVR 5th August

Arrived at Bewdley and was given advanced warning that 3802 was on a gauging run from Kidderminster. My ham egg and chips had been ordered before I knew about it, so that was kept in the oven for me while I took some photos.
Other locos running were 4566, 5164 and 7802.

44871 and 46233 at Crewe

A day trip to Crewe via Shrewsbury. 44871 was heading south with support coach for the Cambrian trains this summer and the West Coast 33 was bringing the stock from Carnforth. 44871 would then haul the train from Crewe with the 33 on the rear. 46233 was running from Butterley to Crewe with support coaches.
After seeing the trains at Crewe, I headed for Shrewsbury to see 44871 again.