Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

47s, 37 & 20s at Small Heath

A few hours out today to see the Colas working, 47805 & 47839 on the Burton to Dollands Moor. Running late was the DRS Eastleigh to Crewe move with 37609, 20304 & 20305. This was held in the loop at Small Heath, and as my train passed it – I wondered if I could beat the DRS locos to Walsall????? Allan was with me, he knew the train times & we had about 7 minutes to get from Moor St to New St.

Our unit arrived at Walsall, no sign of the DRS locos as yet. Allan checked with somebody – not through yet. There was an amber on platform 2, then an announcement “non-stop train approaching”, followed by the sound of a 37 from the tunnel. No time to get to the sunny side on platform 1, so photos from the “shady side”.

With the SVR gala starting tomorrow, it’ll be a while before I sort these photos!