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Update 238. River Severn at Arley, high river levels, November 2009

We normally park by the river, but the access lane is quite close to the river. After the heavy rain over the previous week or so, we decided it would be more sensible to park at Bewdley and travel by train to Arley. On the 22nd November the water level was just across the lane, but a week later the level was much higher, as the photos will show.

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Had to show a photo with KC in it……

Update 237. 7812, 5764 & D8188 at Arley. 6024 at Bewdley

Last “normal” day before Santa operations begin next weekend. Didn’t photograph 5164 which hauled us to Arley, as it was bunker-first. At Arley the other two trains crossed, the bonus being D8188, which will be a spare loco in case of problems when the Santa trains run.

6024 was seen in steam at Bewdley and a couple of photos inside an LNER coach complete the photos from the day.

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Update 236. River Severn at Bewdley, high river level, 26/11/09

We had a walk into Bewdley to see how high the River Severn was. The flood barriers had been erected as a precaution, but at the time of our visit they did not seem to be needed – better safe than sorry!

I can remember very high levels a few years ago, with many houses alongside the river flooded, hopefully the barriers will prevent this from happening in future years.

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SVR 29th November

KC was with us today, we caught the 12.15 from Bewdley, hauled by 5164. This crossed with 7812 at Arley. After our sandwiches, it started raining just as we walked down towards the river, which was higher than last weekend. We didn’t hang round for long before heading back to the comfort of the waiting room. The train back to Bewdley was hauled by 5764.

D8188 is now at Arley as a spare loco in case of failure during the Santa period, good idea!!

6024 in steam at Bewdley, ready for departure in a day or two.

SVR 28th November

We wanted some lunch at Highley today, so no KC with us, probably a good job as our 12.15 train from Bewdley was delayed. Not sure exactly what the problem was, something to do with signalling problems I believe, but we had to wait for the Bridgnorth train to reach Bewdley before we could leave.

46443 was on our train, 7812 on the train from Bridgnorth. After lunch at the Engine House, 5764 took us back to Bewdley.

D8188 was at Bewdley when we started our journey, but at Arley on our return, at least it wasn’t performing “thunderbird” duties!

Also, 6024 had been lit up, likely to leave early next week

Update 234. 31465 works 1Q12 Eastleigh to Derby at Dorridge

The timings for the train indicated that it would stop here for about an hour, so I decided on a shot from the platform as it passed by on the loop. As it approached I realised it was still on the main, but approaching very slowly. The going away shot explains the reason for slowing – a local DMU, seen in the distance, had been crossing the down line.

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And the usual photo included here…..

Update 232. 47805, 47812, 47727 & 47749 on 0Z47 passing Tyseley

After seeing 97301 at Droitwich I went home for lunch, expecting to have a quiet afternoon, but checking e-mails there was mention of these 47s heading for Rugby via Tyseley.

I had 20 minutes to get myself ready, let KC have a quick “visit” to the garden and rush off to the station to catch a train to Tyseley…..

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It was 15.35 and very dull, but iso1600 gave reasonable results.

Update 229. Thunderbird 1 to the rescue (on the Severn Valley Railway)

I only took my camera just in case I saw something worthwhile. It turned out there was something of interest, D8188 was towed to Bridgnorth at the rear of a service train behind 7812, to replace 42968 which was having problems – it had been very off-beat and was obviously struggling with a 9 coach train.

You will note the “Thunderbird 1” headboard on the Class 20!

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Even the snowman was smiling!!!!!