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Update 481. 0Z39 50044 & 50135 at Kidderminster, 27/06/11

50044, recently overhauled at Cardiff, is seen arriving at Kidderminster to collect 50135 for movement to the East Lancs Railway diesel gala. Other locos were to be collected from the Midland Railway Centre on the journey north.

I had time to travel to Rowley Regis for more photos. The locos were booked into Rowley loop, but did not stop there. I thought they might stop in Langley Green loop instead and caught a train to Smethwick – they were in Langley loop, and I had time to find a location for a shot at Smethwick.

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50135 is seen being hauled through Rowley Regis by 50044

Update 480. 37906 at Bewdley, D5310 on trailer, 02/06/11

These photos are from a few weeks ago. Just an ordinary weekday, but 37906 was in action, going towards Arley with a single wagon. 43106 was back in service after many months, complete with “flying pig” on lamp bracket, and 5164 & 42968 were also working trains. Finally, at Kidderminster, D5310 is seen being winched onto a trailer to return to Llangollen.

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D5310 on trailer

Update 472. 67014 on a driver training run from Stourbridge, 10/06/11

I’d heard there was another training run from Stourbridge today & managed to get back from Bridgnorth just in time to see it. Only had to wait about 4 minutes for it to appear, probably checked by signals as the preceding DMU would have stopped at Rowley Regis. Typically dull weather round the “Dark Side”! As is usual with Old Hill, the spare path almost always coincides with a train running in the opposite direction – a real nightmare, as the photo shows.

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