Daily Archives: August 29, 2011

Update 513. 2857, 7812, 42968 & 50031 at the SVR, 29/08/11

Bank Holiday Monday & usual weekend routine. We were early at Bewdley today & saw 2857 heading for Bridgnorth with the Cornish Riviera Limited headboard, we caught the next train to Arley, hauled by 7812 with Pembroke Coast Express headboard. 42968 crossed our train at Arley, 50031 was on the following one from Bridgnorth, but we had time to spare & caught the next one with 2857.

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Yet again, KC manages to get in on a shot, just to the right of the loco.

Update 512. 2857, 92212 & 37906 at the SVR, 28/08/11

The forecast wasn’t good, but it was still dry when we arrived at Bewdley. 2857, with The Mayflower headboard, took us to Arley, where 92212 was seen with a train for Kidderminster. Only stayed long enough for sandwiches & a drink, returning on the following train behind 37906.

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A powerful couple of locos seen here, 2857 & 92212:-