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Update 519. 7812 & 2857 at Bewdley, 29/09/11

Too hot for KC today, so I went to Kidderminster by bus – to save on a train fare (the advantage of a bus pass) 42968 was running backwards from Kidderminster but I did manage some shots of 7812 & 2857 at Bewdley. The Manor was on Footplate Experience and the only worthwhile shots seemed to be of the 2 locos as 2857 arrived.

Link to photos

In the photo below, the participants are learning about all the controls and workings of the Manor as 2857 passes by.

Update 518. 4160 & 92212 soon to leave the SVR, 26/09/11

4160 was due to leave on the Monday, so KC & I walked up to Old Hill station to catch the train to Kidderminster. Walking down the car park, the trailer was in position and soon 4160 was being winched onto the trailer. Our train was hauled by 42968 and by the time it departed the 2-6-2T had been loaded and secured on the trailer. 92212 was also in position to move into the yard for loading the following day.

Link to photos

In the photo below, 42968 heads for the stock in the platform as 4160 is winched onto the trailer.

Severn Valley Railway Gala starts tomorrow

Yes, it’s that time of year again! September 23 – 25 & 3 days of action up the Valley!

I only took a photo of 1 loco at Bewdley today, as the weather was so dull. 7812 & 4160 were working service trains, at the Kidderminster end of the station 2857, 46443 & 6024 were being prepared for the following day. 46443 ran through the station and that is seen below:-

Just had a week in Cornwall

Back home last Friday, so might get back to the normal routine – whatever that is.

Saw 50042 at Bodmin on the previous Saturday. 30120 & 5521 were working the train during the week, unfortunately City of Truro had boiler problems & was not running.

Lilian was running at Launceston. An 08 shunter was on our train at Okehampton. We also travelled on the Looe & St. Ives branches.

Having a cheap day trip to London tomorrow, only £4.95 to get there, and better still, just £1 to get back. Using the new Chiltern service with 67s on the loco-hauled stock.