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Update 583. Day 3 of the SVR Spring Gala, 25/03/12

Final day of the Gala and I walked to the embankment by the Safari Park – it makes a change from my more usual shots. I wanted to make sure I got some decent photos of 4464 before it left the Railway. The other visiting locos are all seen here as well – 828, 1744, 47406 & 69023. I did get to Arley, but rather late in the day, can’t miss my sandwiches & sponge cake!!

Link to photos

The double-header was an unusual combination

Update 582. 86215, the new Floyd loco, 03/04/12

47245 on 0Z86 was hauling 86215, or 450005 as it is now, from Long Marston to Willesden. It has received an overhaul and repainting in Floyd livery and I believe it will be heading to Bulgaria after the electrics have been tested at Willesden.

Link to photos

Looking very smart in the Floyd livery

Test train 950001 & 66119 on a freight are also seen. I was also amused by the departure board showing 2 trains expected on the same platform at the same time – look at the photos & you’ll see what I mean