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Update 780. 1501, 2857, 5164, 7812 & D8059 at Arley, 23/06/13

I’m getting behind again, not sorted Saturday’s photos yet! Anyway, this update, a mix of photos and videos. The photos are mostly simple or quiet shots, and the videos are when there might be some sound from the locos. The bonus was the arrival of D8059 with some stock for Arley yard.

Link to photos

Link to videos of 1501, 2857 & 7812

Link to videos of D8059

In this shot of 5164, the flags are out for the 40s weekends, which are over the next 2 weekends

Update 779. More diverted freights up the “Dark Side”, 18/06/13

Another opportunity for some freight trains up through Old Hill, due to diversions away from the Lickey.

First freight was 66039 on 6E30 Margam to Hartlepool loaded steel, with 66059 banking.
Next was 66427 on 4M36 “Tesco Express” Wentloog to Daventry.
Finally 66135 on 6E09 Margam – Immingham coal train, with 66059 banking again.

A Class 67 is also seen running downhill on a Chiltern Mainline train to Kidderminster, also the banker running back to Stourbridge.

Link to videos

Update 778. 5029 Nunney Castle at Tyseley, and Solihull, 19/06/13

I started with a video shot of it as it passed Tyseley station and headed towards Whitlocks End. Then up to the road bridge for some photos when it returned. Rushing home for my tea (mustn’t stay out too long – or I’m in trouble) I was back again in the evening to see it passing Solihull. Bit of a rush job, fortunately the Chiltern train to Rowley was running late, but it was cutting it fine as the train had already stopped before 5029 had passed through – and within seconds I was on the train and heading home.

Link to video

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Approaching Tyseley on the return run from Whitlocks End

Update 776. 2857, 4566, 5164, 34053 & D821 at Arley, 16/06/13

This is starting to get complicated – a mix of photos & videos again. Seems like I try videos when there is likely to be some sound, such as a train pulling away etc. and photos for the quieter moments. The SVR diesel videos are separate from the steam ones so we have:-

Link to photos

Link to steam videos

Link to diesel videos

5164 running into Arley with the first train from Bridgnorth, including the Venturer diner