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Adding videos is a long process.

I used to be able to edit photos & upload them pretty quickly, but the videos take much longer, which is why I am sometimes very late adding the updates to this blog. Editing videos is an easy task, but the uploading can take a long time. Once uploaded I have to add the description, comments etc. not too long a job but not always done on the same day. After that, I try to add the details to the calendar page – this is mostly for my benefit for future reference. Once that is done, I add it to a “loco list”, which is a list of numbers linking to the appropriate video. This gives me some idea of what I have actually filmed, and when. Finally, I add the update page to the blog.

So, the last week is more or less complete, but I am only part way through the videos from Doncaster just over a week ago. Most of the other videos from August have been “processed” through my system and if I don’t get carried away with other tasks my aim is to complete the Doncaster videos before too long.

It’s all good, clean fun!!

Update 940. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe at Snow Hill, 24/08/14

Not many more Shakespeare Express runs this year, so better make the most of it. Last time I saw it the loco was 4965 & I was expecting the same today, but when I walked to the end of the platform I realised it was the Castle. I hadn’t noticed which loco it was as I filmed it coming out of the tunnel! Also a couple of shots of it running round, then returning with the stock to Tyseley.

Link to video on the calendar page

Update 938. 60059 on the Shakespearean Tug at Tyseley, 25/08/14

Too wet to go to Arley, but the opportunity to see a 60 on a railtour was worth an hour or two out. Tyseley was a suitable station to go to, as there is plenty of cover from the rain and a good shot looking through the road bridge. I still managed to get a spot of water on the lens though!

The tour was returning to Leeds from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Link to video on calendar page

Turned off “comments” option

There has been so much spam coming through recently that I decided to block all comments. Dozens were coming through every hour, and as I rarely get any real comments the best solution seemed to stop them altogether. If I spend less time deleting spam, then I might have more time doing something more constructive, well, that’s the theory….