Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

Update 1018. Playlist of DMU, 2857, 7812 & 43106 Severn Valley Railway – 07/03/15

I travelled to Arley on the DMU, filming the old water pipes near the aqueduct as I passed by. 2857 worked the northbound service & 7812 on my train back to Kidderminster. 43106 was briefly seen at Bewdley on Footplate Experience. Also filmed the ride from Bewdley up to Foley Park tunnel, the elephants are also seen in the Safari Park.

Update 1016. Videos of Midlands Metro trams at Snow Hill, 02/03/15

Making the most of a few spare minutes when I changed trains at Snow Hill I managed to film 3 of the trams. The numbers are 18, 22 & 31 – all new trams. I’ve never really bothered filming the Midlands Metro but did photograph the trams in the early days when it first opened, but before digital & with a “poorly” camera so results weren’t too good.

The 3 trams can be seen in a playlist of 4 clips.

Mobile theme now added

After changing the theme for this blog I decided to try adding a mobile theme as well. That seems to work well. One problem to resolve is how the list of “pages” is displayed, the old theme only displayed the main headings, not all of them – something else to look into. Oh, typed this using tablet and mobile theme!

Change of theme for this blog

I’m trying a new calendar within the blog. It didn’t work properly with the old theme – so am experimenting with a new theme. The appearance is slightly different, the pages are wider & youtube videos appear much bigger as well. The calendar is for past events, it might even help me with updates I have missed – that is if I can remember to update it as I take videos. The plan is to show events in “red” until they are uploaded, then change them to another colour. If you follow the link below, you will understand what I mean. That reminds me, the latest videos haven’t been uploaded. Only set up in last few hours, so that is the reason for only a few entries, and they don’t include links to videos yet.