Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

Update 1024. Video of 37612 & 37605 at Rowley Regis, 02/02/15

Now that I’m happier with the look of the blog & the calendar I can try & concentrate on catching up with all the “forgotten” videos from recent months. 6M56 Berkeley – Crewe no longer seems to run round the Dark Side – which is a pity as I enjoyed seeing the 37s or whatever hauled it. Still, at least I have the videos to watch!!

The new calendar

I think I’ve set up the calendar just the way I want it. The old calendar was separate from this blog but this new one is a plugin within the blog – so hopefully will be easier for me to maintain & update.

So far, just the month of March has been entered on the calendar. Entries show the dates I filmed some trains, if the colour is red – it means I haven’t uploaded the videos yet (so expect plenty of those!) but other colours indicate subjects filmed, green for SVR, black for modern traction on the mainline, grey for steam on the mainline & purple for trams.

If I keep seeing red – it might prompt me to sort the videos & upload them, at least I will be able to see what is outstanding.

So follow this link to see how it looks so far

Clicking on events, other than red ones, will take you to the blog entry with a brief description & link to any videos. It would be good to think I could work backwards and work my way through the years when I took photos – but that would be a very long job!