Daily Archives: April 4, 2015

Update 1029. Video of 66013 & 66100 Stourbridge, 09/01/15

I do wish I could keep my blog postings up to date, another one from January that wasn’t added! There was a problem of where to stand as the freight was due & a southbound DMU was likely to be in the way. As you can see the approaching shot was limited by the DMU and then the southbound train appeared before I could choose a better position, that is why I had to move away from the platform edge while still filming.

Update 1027. A ride behind 92214, 04/01/15

Winter probably isn’t the best time to try this sort of shot, especially when the wind is blowing the wrong way, but it was worth a try as 92214 was a visiting loco. First clip is approaching & departing from Northwood Halt, then second clip is leaving Bewdley & the climb to the tunnel. Final few seconds added at the end show D7029 & D5410 in the yard at Kidderminster. Managed to get Sutton, the baby elephant, in the shot as the train passed the Safari Park.