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60103 Flying Scotsman at the Severn Valley Railway, September 2016

It’s all over now, Flying Scotsman has headed up north and was filmed going through Old Hill this morning with its support coach on the way to the East Lancs. Railway. There was really only one chance of a chimney first shot of the loco most days at the SVR, unless you could hang around for the evening departure from Bridgnorth – which I wasn’t able to do. So I have put all my Scotsman videos in a playlist, you can watch them all or just pick one or two from the list.

It starts with the loco passing Small Heath on the way to Tyseley for an event. Next through Langley Green on the way to Kidderminster and the SVR. I saw it on 4 days at the Valley, one of which was EXTREMELY wet as the loco passed through Bewdley. Couldn’t avoid getting water on the lens, but did an almost identical shot another day. Also worth a mention is the set of 9 teak coaches, which is apparently a first in preservation. Final clip shows it steaming up the Dark Side at Old Hill with support coach.

So what did I film in August?

Looking through the videos I have made a list of “when and where”. Some have been uploaded in recent weeks, others I haven’t done yet, but this is a reminder for me. Starting at the bottom of the page, or the beginning of the month, I will add the numbers and show they are on Youtube. Maybe I can create a playlist link if there are several videos for a particular date. Sounds like the start of another project? Mustn’t forget my calendar entries and adding a few photos to my gallery. I feel a headache coming on….
August 2016
31 Tyseley
29 Arley
28 Arley
28 Old Hill
24 Tyseley
21 Arley
21 Old Hill
20 Old Hill
18 Kidderminster
18 Blakedown
17 Acocks Green
14 Arley
13 Old Hill
13 Langley Green
13 Wolverhampton
13 Smethwick Galton Bridge
11 Old Hill
11 Bromsgrove
10 Old Hill
09 Smethwick Galton Bridge
09 Wolverhampton
07 Arley
06 Arley 1450, 34027, 43106, D1062
04 Smethwick Galton Bridge 66156 Youtube.
03 Old Hill 37800, 73951, 73952, 150001 Youtube.
01 Wolverhampton 158821, 170633, 66184, 70806 Voyagers Youtube.