Daily Archives: January 10, 2018

“On This Day” (years ago) Jan 10th. 2010 and 2013

Not so much to choose from today. At least it was a weekend in 2010 and the SVR were running trains, and from the look of it top and tail formation. Not easy to get both the locos on one train in a single shot, so this shot was taken at Bewdley where the trains crossed. My gallery has 37 photos, the other 2 locos were 42968 and 43106

7812 and 46443 Bewdley. 10/01/10

There were some photos from other years, but never uploaded to the gallery, the only easy photo to post here was taken at Stourbridge Junction, showing 950001 & 139001. The gallery album has 14 photos of it at Old Hill and Stourbridge but I doubt if it’s worth the effort to follow the link just to see that.

950001 and 139001 Stourbridge Junction. 10/01/13