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Lots of “red” on the calendar, means lots to do!

In the same way I struggle with my photo galleries, I’m always behind the times with this blog. Once again I’ll have a go at spending more time on it. I’ve just been looking at my videos for this month and entered the “events” on the calendar, if I mark them in “red” it means they haven’t been edited/uploaded – and as I type this only 4 out of the 12 are uploaded.

If you can work out how to view the calendar (should be easy to do) you’ll see the videos waiting to be edited etc. Hope the entried change colour soon!

Video – 60096 and 70816 near Blakedown, 07/05/18

I “had the wheels”, just for a change, and so was able to get away from the usual locations for the Colas locos. The units seen after it were some test shots to try and get the “feel” of filming over the hedge, and passed by before the locos came. The locos were running Bescot to Canton. After this I headed to Kidderminster for some more filming at the SVR, no King though – in fact nearly all diesels!! That is still to be edited and uploaded, as is the convoy of 50, 45 & 55 which arrived late in the afternoon.

Video below:-

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“Old Rallies” Stoke Goldington Steam Rally, 10th May (2003)

Some more rally photos from 2003, so quality not brilliant but I’ve quickly chosen a variety of exhibits. My knowledge of road vehicles is minimal as I’ve said before, full details could probably be found for all of them if I had time to search the internet but….. It’s the age old problem, lack of time, but I’ve done the best I can!

Photos below:-

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“On This Day” (years ago) May 10th. 2002, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2017

Lack of time prevents me from posting the SVR related photos in the SVR forum as well as here, I’ll try and keep this daily posting going though!

56083 at Doncaster in 2002, 7802 at Arley in 2008, 37676 at Old Hill in 2009, 47375, D821, 55019, D8188 & D8059 at Kidderminster in 2012, 2857 at Arley in 2015 and 57306 at Stourbridge in 2017.

Photos below:-

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