Daily Archives: November 5, 2019

1881 Halesowen Railway Timetable, on wall in Loyal Lodge

Called in the Loyal Lodge on Furnace Hill in Halesowen a few weeks ago for a meal and noticed a copy of an old railway timetable framed on one of the walls. It showed the train service from Birmingham New Street to Halesowen via Kings Norton. Not a very frequent service, but at least there was a railway then.

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Old Spanish railway ticket, Irun – Madrid

Another old ticket found in my loft. Think this was from the early 1960s, from memory we travelled all the way from the UK by train to Malaga, then on to El Rodeo between Marbella and San Pedro. It wasn’t a hotel as such, more of a holiday centre with rows of chalets, I remember mine was 106, and parents were in 303 – or trescientos tres as I used to say to the receptionist when we came back from a day out. Ciento seis was for the other key.

With ordering our meal I had to say to the waiter – una gran botella de agua mineral por favor. The waiter’s name was something like Franchesco.

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