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Photos and Video, 37612 and 37219, Cradley Heath 24/12/19

Wasn’t expecting this until after 6pm and in the dark but a text from a friend got me out the house at the double and I was rushing off down the road to the station, got there puffing and panting a couple of minutes before it appeared. Another one of those occasions when a train was due on the opposite track, but this time it worked out very well. The 37s were only a couple of minutes behind another train and probably on “yellows”. The unit at the other platform was blocking the view of the signal and the driver had to approach slowly in case it was on “red”. I noticed the shadow appear and started filming before the train came into view, then once he had a clear view of the signal, which obviously wasn’t “red” he opened up and the 37s blasted past me.

The train was 1Q16 Swansea – Derby and 216 minutes early, bostin’ stuff!!!

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