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Photos, 68015, 68014, 66532 & 66516, Tyseley 01/10/20

Here are the photos that go with the video uploaded a couple of days ago, can’t keep up with it all at the moment. Also seen are RHTT DR98970, DR98920 & a Voyager

Link to photos in gallery.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.

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An update on my YouTube ad revenue donations to Severn Valley Railway

It was back in March that I set the option for adverts on my videos. At first the revenue was minimal as with lockdown there was no way to film anything. As the months passed and with more opportunities to film a few trains the revenue increased. At that time, when the revenue increased by a tenner I would send it to the Appeal Fund, but now it saves time to send it on a monthly basis.

At the beginning of September when I donated just over £30 it brought the total to over £120. Now we’re into October and another £30 has been donated bringing the total to over £150. Here’s hoping there will be plenty to film in October???? I reckon I can continue this for a few more months – so enjoy the videos, knowing it’s helping  the Severn Valley Railway!!!

A busy summer – too busy for blog

I’m going to try and get the blog going again. Now that less time is spent in the garden there is more time for other things. How strange, the last post had been about 196101 and I saw that unit again at Tyseley today.

Will make a separate post for that along with a link to the video.

Nothing added to photo galleries for months either, better try and find my log in details!!