SVR over the last few days

Well, haven’t I been lazy, not adding any posts recently!! I was at Arley both days over the weekend, but for a change decided to just watch the trains go by. The only photos I took were of the Spitfire on the Saturday. Without photos to refer to, I can’t even remember which locos I saw on the 2 days. Having left the dog at home, there wasn’t time to wait to see what the 6th loco was, but I do remember the “Pig” was running again.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we saw 4566 & 7812 whilst at Bewdley. Today (Wednesday) I was jolted into action when I noticed the sleeping car at Arley was to be replaced with the recently painted one seen at Kidderminster last week. Another excuse for a few hours out! 5764 was on the 11.40 from Kidderminster, and 42968 on the diner, the other 2 locos were 4566 & 7812. I left the train at Arley and noticed the “new” sleeping car was already in place, but no sign of the diesel. Turns out it was at Highley & wouldn’t return until after the diner was through Highley. Anyway, I waited, and D8188 eventually arrived with about 13 wagons attached. After some shunting, D8188 headed towards Bewdley with the “old” sleeping car, the Siphon, tank wagons etc. I did take photos of the shunting & these will appear in a day or so.

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