Sharpos-World photo gallery is now running Coppermine 1.5.8

Phew, what a relief, the upgrade has worked. Even made modifications to make some of the pages my usual yellow colour.

What is different to the previous version? It is probably much more “secure” etc. but the main differences will be what you can see. Firstly, you can now move backwards & forwards through the thumbnails in the filmstrip alongside the intermediate image by using the little blue arrows (the up arrow takes you backwards and the down arrow forwards) Next, when looking at intermediate images, you can move backwards or forwards through the intermediate images using the arrow left or arrow right keys on the keyboard. The arrow down key will show or hide the file information, finally the arrow up key will take you up a level to the page of thumbnail for that album. Now that I like, so much easier than the mouse!

Thumbnails for an album can now be set to “random”, so when the settings have all been altered the thumbnails for those albums will keep changing. Finally for now, thumbnails will show for albums with linked files.

Hopefully I will enable comments to be added again soon. I disabled comments years ago, due to spambots etc.

Just noticed the main page is showing literally hundreds of thumbnails for all the different albums, maybe I need to alter the settings to reduce the number of thumbnails. Now I’m confused………

(Just editing the configuration for the gallery home page to cut down on the number of thumbnails that show, so things could change!!!)

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