“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 2nd. 2009 and 2010

So busy trying to write an app last night that I forgot to prepare the post for today, so it’s late! In 2009 there was some snow on this date, as the photos will show, 175002 at Smethwick and 97303 at Walsall. Then in 2010 37194 at Droitwich.

Seems a long time since these units worked this route, I remember seeing them at Stafford as well. 47 photos on this date.

175002 Smethwick Galton Bridge. 02/02/09

Later in the day 97303 at Walsall on driver training to Shrewsbury.

97303 Walsall. 02/02/09. 0Z97 to Shrewsbury

The following year, 37194 was on a stock working to Long Marston, seen at Droitwich. 8 photos in the gallery, including 66189

37194 Droitwich. 02/02/10. 5Z22 Norwich to Long Marston

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