“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 6th. 2009, 2010 & 2014

Three photos today, 47727 at Walsall in 2009, D8059 at Arley in 2010 and 60059 at Stourbridge Junction in 2014.

A sprinkling of snow for my visit to Walsall in 2009 and 26 photos in the gallery. 47727 passes by running light engine. Units and 4 x class 66 and 47375 also seen.

47727 Walsall. 06/02/09

2014 and a couple of freights down the Junction, and one was a 60, 60059. Those were the days, a 10 minute train journey to see a couple of freights! The photos in gallery.

60059 Stourbridge. 06/02/14. 6V05 Round Oak – Margam

Finally, in 2010 D8059 is seen at Arley on a shunting move. The DMU also seen in other photos in the gallery, also 7812 at Bewdley.

D8059 Arley. 06/02/10

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