“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 11th. 2011, 2012 & 2014

In 2011 I had a trip to Stafford and saw 86701, then in 2014 down the Junction for a Tug, 60040.  At Arley in 2012, 5164 is seen running “wrong road” at Arley, there must’ve been a reason for it, but I can’t remember.

86702 was running as 0Z86 Manchester – Willesden in 2011. Plenty of photos from that date in the gallery.

86701 Stafford. 11/02/11. 0Z86 Manchester – Willesden

There were 2 freights for me to see at Stourbridge in 2014 and 60040 was on the southbound empties, the northbound was a 66.

60040 Stourbridge. 11/02/14. 6V05 Round Oak – Margam

Finally, at Arley, 5164 runs southbound on the northbound track. There must’ve been a reason why it was on that track! Another photo that was never uploaded.

5164 Arley. 11/02/12

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