“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 13th. 2009, 2012 & 2014

Today the first photo is from Water Orton in 2009, with 4 x 37s in the shot! 37682 37609 37259 & 37605, that was a jammy shot to get those 2 trains passing. Then Leamington in 2014 with 67018 on a Chiltern train. Finally, another shot that never made it to a gallery, 42968 at Folkestone? in 2012 (not really)

The lucky shot at Water Orton, one was Eastleigh – Derby, the other Stowmarket – Crewe. A few other photos from that visit.

37682 37609 37259 & 37605 Water Orton. 13/02/09

The other locos were mostly 66s, but 67018 was a bit different. If you want to see the other photos they are in the gallery.

67018 Leamington, 13/02/14. 1H53 Moor Street – Marylebone

Final photo from 2012 is of 42968. It “appears” to be at Folkestone, but the station was being used for filming around that time in 2012. Another one that never made it to the gallery!

42968, not really at Folkestone, but Kidderminster. 13/02/12

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