“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 14th. 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2014

The Severn Valley one for this day is from 2009, a diesel loco was required after a steamer was unavailable at Bridgnorth and D8188 came to the rescue and is seen with a “Thunderbird” headboard! Moving forward to 2011 and 66726 on the Handsworth scrap at Langley Green, first run by GBRf – that failed!. Then Northfield in 2013 to see 56302 and Finally Tyseley in 2014 to see 47501 & 47805.

Thunderbird 1 to the rescue, D8188 was called upon to replace a steamer, seen entering Arley.

D8188 Arley. 14/02/09. Note Thunderbird 1 headboard

First run of 6Z30 Handsworth – Cardiff for GBRf. I remember it well, it passed by, then the next passenger train from Birmingham stopped at the red signal by the level crossing, eventually running back to Birmingham. The next train from Birmingham stopped at the platform – it seemed nothing was running through to Stourbridge. The scrap train had failed and I had to find a way of getting home by bus!

66726 Langley Green. 6Z30 Handsworth – Cardiff. 14/02/11

At Northfield in 2013, another one that never made the gallery, so no note as to the working (I never make notes of what I see)

56302 Northfield. 14/02/13

This was 0Z30 Bicester – Crewe passing Tyseley in 2014

47501 47805 Tyseley. 14/02/14

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