“On This Day” (years ago) Feb 19th. 2005, 2013 & 2014

Very few SVR photos to choose from, but a nice shot of BR 80300 Royal Mail sorting office in 2005. Then Dorridge in 2013 to see 56303 and final photo is of 60063 at Water Orton in 2014. To finish, 57008 & 37608 in an old video at Old Hill in 2014.

BR 80300 used to be in the siding at Highley before The Engine House was built.

BR 80300 Highley. 19/02/05

No idea where it was going to but something unusual to see, 56303.

56303 Dorridge. 19/02/14

Always plenty to see at Water Orton, 60063 in 2014.

60063 Water Orton. 19/02/14

Finally, one of my poorer quality old videos, 57008 & 37608 at Old Hill


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