Photos and Video, 50007 and 50049 return to Kidderminster, 22/07/18

Filming them drifting down the Dark Side didn’t really appeal to me, so I went to Kidderminster which gave me the opportunity to film the other SVR trains running – which were hauled by 1450, 1501, 2857, 7802 and D1062. The photos are in the order in which I saw them. I had to be crafty when 2857 departed as the 50s were due to arrive at around the same time and I needed to be in a suitable position for both movements, which worked out well as the video will show. There are 16 photos, I’m saving time by not adding captions but I’m sure you can identify all the locos.

Link to YouTube video.

Link to photos in gallery for larger screens

Photos below ideal for mobile phones:-


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