Photos and Video, 57301, 56091 and units, Droitwich 10/03/20

Only managed to post the video link yesterday, but today I have the photos to add as well. Droitwich is a good station for photos with semaphore signals adding interest to what is usually mostly units. 57301 is first seen passing through Lye, then a brief glimpse of it in Droitwich loop in the video. After I got off the train in Droitwich it wasn’t many minutes before the 57 was out of the loop and heading towards the station. Then a few of the usual units before 56091 appeared from the Bromsgrove direction.

57301 was working 0V94 Crewe (supposed to be Warrington) to Long Marston and 56091 with a Railvac was on 6×56 Bescot to Long Marston.

Units seen were 170517, 170633, 172345, 172006, 172212, 172217, 170632 and 172220.

Link to YouTube video or link to photos in gallery.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.

57301 at Lye

Then at Droitwich



170633 heads away as 172345 approaches









Railvac behind 56091

172220, my train home

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