Photos and Video, D8107, D8096 & 66781. Wolverhampton 26/10/20

A visit to Wolverhampton to see the 20s, the 66 was a surprise bonus. The other train I had planned to see was one of the Class 196 on test runs, that will be in another post.

Link to YouTube video or link to photos in gallery.

Photos below suitable for mobile or tablet. Larger photos in gallery as above.

66781 6M42 Avonmouth – Penyffordd

D8107 5Z21 Bristol – Crewe

D8096 5Z21 Bristol – Crewe

D8107 & D8096 5Z21 Bristol – Crewe

D8096 5Z21 Bristol – Crewe. Always good to get a “different” type of shot

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