950001 & 66174 at Stourbridge Junction, 10/06/13

The Network Rail track assessment unit was in the Midlands and running to Kidderminster and Round Oak, so I though it was worth trying to film it. I went to Stourbridge Junction to see it, hoping a Round Oak steel train might also be seen – I was in luck, 66174 worked 6V07 with empty wagons to Margam.

First clip shows 950001 heading for Kidderminster, after waiting for a local train to depart from platform 3. You even hear the points change.

I missed it returning from Kidderminster, but the second clip shows it running into platform 2 after the trip up the Round Oak branch.

Finally, it heads towards Birmingham, running to Derby via Dorridge.

The last clip shows 66174 on 6V07, running about an hour early – probably because 950001 was running to Round Oak.

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