Railway Photos, mostly featuring the Midlands

Midlands Routes

The “routes” albums contain photos at stations or other locations between the major stations featured on the previous page.

Via Bescot (between Birmingham & Wolverhampton, mostly freight)
Via Birmingham International (between Birmingham & Coventry)
Via Bromsgrove (from Birmingham, main line towards the south west)
Via Kidderminster (local line between Birmingham & Worcester)
Via Norton Bridge (between Stafford & Crewe/Stoke on Trent)
Via Sandwell & Dudley (main passenger route between Birmingham & Wolverhampton)
Via Trent Valley (between Nuneaton & Stafford/Stoke)
Via Tyseley (between Birmingham & Stratford/Leamington
Via Walsall (through Walsall to north & east)
Via Water Orton (between Birmingham & Derby/Nuneaton
Freight only routes