2002-1. January – March.

January – March. All photos link, or all numbers link.

Apparently some people can’t view the embedded image at the bottom of each of the “date pages”. Will look into that.

It was during February that I bought my first digital camera, and yes, I know the quality is very poor, but it’s all good memories of locos, many of which have been scrapped, and of the liveries around at that time. I may alter this page but will see how it goes for now. I will list dates photos were taken for this quarter, with very brief details and a link to a page with more information. At the bottom of the page for each of the dates below there will be an embedded photo, hopefully it will be displayed, let me know if it doesn’t show.

Feb 15. Just a few units at Old Hill, getting used to camera.
Feb 16. Some diesels on the Severn Valley Railway.
Mar 02. Washwood Heath, some diesels also A4 and 2 Panniers.
Mar 02. Diesels & 1 steam loco at Shackerstone/Battlefield Line.
Mar 12. Old Hill again, couple of units, nothing of interest really.
Mar 16. Kidderminster, a Tug & some units.
Mar 23. Lickey incline mostly, but A4 seen twice, plus other trains.
Mar 26. Toton, a few photos taken from up on the hill.
Mar 26. Monk Fryston, mostly freights.
Mar 26. Barnetby, mostly freights again.
Mar 31. Various “Dark Side” photos including a King on railtour.

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