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Photos and Video, 68008, Rowley Regis 28/01/18

Called in at Rowley Regis this morning to see 68008 on the Kidderminster – Marylebone train. I do like the sound those locos make as they get a train on the move. I’m doing well today, edited the video, uploaded the photos to my gallery and added a post here as well. I’ve kept up to date on just about everything this year so far, doubt if it will last though…

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Photo and Video, 68008 Old Hill, 07/01/18

Nothing much happening, no SVR trains for 6 weeks and too cold to stand around anywhere – but at least a Sunday train with a 68 up here.

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A single photo in the gallery looks a bit lost, but it’s here if you want to see a larger version.

I’m sure this’ll do if you’re using a mobile:-

68008. 1H27 Kidderminster – Marylebone. Old Hill 07/01/18

Video – 1Z68 68021 Old Hill, 16/07/16

1Z68 Taunton – Carlisle. I was looking forward to filming a clear shot of the 68 with a decent load climbing up the bank, but it was half an hour late and came through at the same time as a downhill stopper. Before the unit arrived the 68 could be heard way down the bank but when the unit arrived it drowned out much of the sound of the approaching train. At least I played safe and changed platforms so as not to be “bowled”.

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Video – 0Z97 31233, 97301 and 97304 Old Hill, 13/07/11

After spending a couple of days at Kidderminster (SVR) the 31 hauled the 97s back to Derby. The timing must have been entered on RTT during mid morning, as when I checked first thing there no mention of it. It was a mad rush to get back home and collect my camcorder, but I just made it. No luck with a clear view from the other platform, a stopping train was due at the same time as the convoy, so I played safe.

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Video – 0Z73 97304, 73952, 31433, 73951 and 97301 Old Hill, 11/07/16

This was one not to miss, Derby – Kidderminster SVR. The 97s were to have some test runs on the SVR. I was only expecting a 31 and the 97s but checking for posted sightings of the train it was mentioned that the 97s were top and tailing the other 3 locos. Fortunately it was a few minutes late and the stopping train had already left leaving me a clear shot of the convoy. Oh, but it was pouring with rain though!

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I’m quite good at uploading photos to galleries, but can never keep the accompanying web site pages updated. So perhaps it is time to move away from the old style sites and add the pages to this blog instead. It looks like it will be quicker & easier for me to use the blog and hopefully just as easy for visitors browsing through the pages.

So, as I only started this a day or two ago there has not been much progress, only the first few albums are listed, but you can see how it is progressing from the link below:-

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Update 155. 31285 on 2Z08 Exeter to Derby RTC

31285 was working an Exeter to Derby test train. It was a loco I had not seen before, so suggested to Margaret that we take KC for a walk over Bromsgrove way. She knows there is always an ulterior motive to such suggestions & was not surprised when I explained a train was due “soon after 11am”.

I stood on the bridge as “they” had a walk around the nearby field. Thunder sounded in the distance but the rain held off, they were soon back on the bridge with me. Other people walking dogs helped pass the time as we waited. It was late – a Hereford trained passed under the bridge & I was expecting the 31 to be held at Droitwich for it, but in the distance I heard the noise of a diesel loco, it was the 31, soon the yellow of the DBSO appeared in the distance with the loco propelling. It was booked to stop in the loop, but did not slow down and went speeding by towards the Lickey Incline.

Task completed, head home for lunch, then Shrewsbury in the afternoon to see 76079, but you already know about that – it was in the previous update.

Link to photos, only 3

One photo here, you’ll have to click the link to see what the others are!