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Update 569. 31285 on 1Q06 at Dorridge, 20/02/12

My success rate at seeing test trains has not been too good in recent months, they are either cancelled or do not run to schedule. On this occasion though it did run to time. I was only at the station for about 30 minutes but during that time 3 other freights were seen.

Link to photos

With a DBSO at the front of the train, 31285 is seen propelling at the rear of the train

I don’t like the winter!

The weeks go by & those odd jobs just don’t get done. With the Severn Valley Railway having been closed for about 5 weeks for maintenance work, the weekends have seemed very boring, but the majority of that work is now finished and trains were running for half term week and regularly at weekends now.

It really has been a case of been nowhere & seen nothing, apart from 2 cheap trips on Chiltern trains to London & back – £1 each way! Apart from that, I’ve only photographed local trains on 2 occasions, and the lack of interesting new photos doesn’t really do much for my enthusiasm – hence the lack of updates!

Anyway, the days are staying lighter for longer & there should be more to see in the coming weeks, so I had better get back into the routine of playing around with photos again.