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Update 877. Arley Santa trains in daylight & darkness, 22/12/13

Having a camera & camcorder creates problems – video or photo! Spending a few hours at Arley gave me the opportunity to do a bit of both, filming the moving trains & photographing “still” shots. As yet I haven’t sorted the videos but have a fair selection of the locos in varying light conditions. The darker shots weren’t meant to be masterpieces, but just experimenting to see the results at the maximum camera setting of iso12800. The locos seen are 2857, 4936, 7812, 34053 & 43106.

Link to photos

This one of the darker shots, showing 4936

Update 874. 47727 & D8188 at Old Hill, 11/01/14

D8188 had been at Washwood Heath for about a year for some repair work & was hauled back to the Severn Valley Railway behind 47727. The locos are seen passing Old Hill on the way to Kidderminster. The 47 should have returned with 37906, which has been sold and is to be overhauled for main line work, but the move was cancelled. Running very late, 47727 is seen on the way back to Washwood Heath. Several of us had been waiting at Old Hill, but gradually drifted away as time passed by – I was half way home when I noticed it had left, so about turn & back to the station. Sorry Martin, I would have sent you a text if I had your number!!!

Link to photos

D8188 looks immaculate in this photo

Firefox on Windows 8 wouldn’t play youtube, but I fixed it.

I thought everything on a new pc would work perfectly! After installing the latest version of Firefox, I soon found youtube videos wouldn’t play. The videos would stop after a second or two. After a few searches, I found lots of other people had found the same problem. The answer appeared to be updating the flash player, which I did – but still the same problem. The solution was to remove the older version of flash player, which I suppose was installed by Firefox? Wherever it came from, it needed updating, so if anybody has the same problem and does a search & finds this – update your flash player & remove the old version of flash player.

A Windows 8 computer replaces the old XP machine.

I suppose it had to happen one day! The old pc kept locking up for no apparent reason, also it didn’t have enough processing power to handle the videos from the camcorder. With this new pc everything happens so fast, and it’s so quiet. It’ll probably use less electricity as well – whenever the old one was working the fan was whirring away very noisily so probably using more power. I had cleaned out all the dust from the fan etc. but it still blew out a lot of hot air. Support for XP finishes soon, so I knew the days of using the old pc safely on the internet were numbered.

Update 873. 150001 on 2Q08 & 66183 on 6V07, 09/01/14

After what seems a very long time, I’ve actually got around to sorting some photos. These were from a little outing yeterday, the yellow DMU was running from Tyseley to Derby via Stourbridge and running as far south as Kidderminster. It also ran up the Round Oak branch. I saw it rolling down through Old Hill, then went to Stourbridge to see it on the way back. I couldn’t be bothered to wait for it to return from Round Oak, but the timing was right to see 66183 on 6V07 steel empties from Round Oak.

Link to photos

150001 at Old Hill

My Severn Valley Railway timetable app for 2014

I don’t seem to have done much in the last few weeks, but am pleased to say the above app now appears to be working. I know a few people used the one I wrote for last year, but don’t know if it was just dozens or hundreds. For this year I have added a counter to the link so that it gives me the number of times it is downloaded.

The link to the app can be found on this page in my blog