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Update 631. GWR 0-6-0PT no. 3650 works its first train at the SVR, 28/07/12

3650 is normally based at the Didcot Railway Centre, but is helping out at the SevernValley which is rather short of working steam locos at the moment. Catching a London Midland train to Kidderminster, I was able to see 3650 depart on the first steam working of the day, which was also its first train at the SVR since arriving on Thursday. My routine was soon back to normal & the loco was also seen at Arley later in the day. I haven’t had time to sort the other photos from today, but have started an album for photos of 3650.

Link to photos

Seen here departing from Kidderminster with an “IR” International Rescue headboard.

Update 629. 66719 & 50044 at Kidderminster, 23/07/12

50044 failed on a railtour on Saturday, but the Class 66 on the rear of the train was able to get the train to the destination. 66719 had to be used today to bring 50044 back to the SVR and the 2 locos are seen in the exchange siding soon after arrival at Kidderminster. I was passing on an SVR train & managed some photos.

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Also seen in this photos is the new signal which will control trains from the SVR to Network Rail tracks and the carriage works.

Update 628. 66432 on 4M36 Tesco Express at Old Hill, 22/07/12

The train doesn’t always run on this route, so I have to make the most of it when it does. 66432 was passing at a higher speed than the previous trains I had seen, but did seem to slow down considerably as it headed towards the tunnel, maybe a speed limit for this type of train?

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Reflections from the sun behind the train, and the front of the train in shade – not easy for photos

Update 625. 34053 Sir Keith Park running in at Bridgnorth, 17/07/12

On the way back from Llangollen we had to pass Bridgnorth, so you have to call in at the station to see what was happening, don’t you!! It was our lucky day, an unusual whistle was heard, but the loco was nowhere in sight as we walked onto the platform. 34053 was apparently undergoing running in tests and was steaming backwards & forwards when the line was clear. It was not too long before it appeared and ran into platform 2. Over the next hour we saw it repeat the movement several times. 43106 was seen on a service train and the boiler from 2857 was undergoing a steam test.

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34053 is seen pulling away after the arrival of 43106