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Update 999. Video of 0X66 GBRf convoy at Rowley Regis, 09/12/14

There was much crossing of fingers that the convoy would head to Doncaster via the Dark Side, especially as there had been a set of times for the Lickey on the previous day. Always a case of checking to see that they actually did take the Worcester line at Abbotswood Junction, which they did, following the route and times showing on RTT. Rowley was a popular station for photographers, the approaching shot wasn’t a problem, but turning round for the going away shot was not so clear.

66706 was hauling 66769, 66768, 66772, 66771, 66770, 66767 & 66766.

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Christmas is over for another year, but I had a good present!

“Santa” brought me a Canon 9000F scanner. Looks like I will get further behind with all those winter tasks now, as I have been having fun learning how to use the scanner. So far I have scanned a few old slides and b&w negatives. The results from the scanner are very good, just a pity I wasn’t so good at photography in the “old” days, partly because I didn’t have a good camera and rarely looked at my photos or had them printed, so never realised what I was doing wrong. Don’t expect loads of good old photos, there may be quite a few – but not exactly “good”. Looks like there will always be a backlog of videos and now old photos to fill up any spare time I may have in future. Hey ho, never mind…….

Update 995. Videos of Severn Valley Railway Santa trains at Arley, 07/12/14

The weather wasn’t quite what I expected. I headed to Foley Park tunnel area to film the trains on the climb, but it was very windy & started raining, so I headed to Arley & the arboretum for a hot drink. The rain did stop & I headed for the station and on towards the lane that overlooks Victoria Bridge. The only videos from that day that I uploaded were of 43106, 92214, 34053 & 7812 at Arley station, late in the afternoon as it got dark. A very different atmosphere to what I am used to at that station, but enjoyable all the same. So, still more videos to work through at some time, but until then…..

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Update 994. Videos of Severn Valley Railway Santa trains, 06/12/14

I uploaded some of the videos 3 weeks ago, but didn’t manage to work my way through all of them. My day started on the footbridge at Kidderminster & included Freightliner 70003 on an empty coal train speeding south. Locos working the specials were 2857, 7812, 34053, 43106 & my favourite – 92214 ( the visiting loco)
Later in the day I went to film the trains on the climb to Foley Park tunnel near the safari park, those videos are still to be edited & uploaded. I will get to them one day! In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen the ones uploaded…..

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Update 992. Videos of 47790, 47818, 66531 & 66541, 03/12/14

The Northern Belle was running through Bescot so I decided on a little outing to see it, followed by an hour or so at Walsall. Various trains seen, but so far I have only uploaded 3 videos – the Belle & a couple of freights. So much for catching up during the winter months!

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Will try & add other videos at a later date.

Update 991. Video of 68011 at Old Hill in the dark, 01/12/14

Right then, time to try & catch up with some of the missing update posts. Probably others I have missed, but for now I will go back to the beginning of December. A Monday evening & 68011 is booked on a couple of test runs to Stourbridge, in the dark of course. I only bothered with the first “down & up”, but also filmed a couple of 67s on Chiltern trains from London – 67010 & 67018.

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