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Update 565. 7812, 43106 & 80072 at Severn Valley on 02/01/12

Last chance of a train ride to Bridgnorth before the line is closed for the next 6 weeks. Our train, the 12.00 from Kidderminster was hauled by 43106. 7812 was on the next train, 30 minutes behind ours & 80072 was on the third train which we crossed at Arley.

One of the 20s was in use to move the grotto stock from Arley to Kidderminster, but no photo of that.

Link to photos

43106 arrives at Kidderminster, note new signal post in the background, on the museum site.

Happy New Year

It’s 2012!  No resolutions though.

In the winter, I always intend to do all those odd jobs that don’t get done in the summer – trouble is, that plan never works. Oh well, there’s always next winter?

I wonder if I will ever sort the photos from last year that have never been uploaded, let alone the others from previous years. Oh well, we’ll see what happens in the months to come.