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Update 742. 37607 & 37409 on 1Z30 Easter Highlander at Old Hill, 29/03/13

This tour started at Exeter, so was passing through at a reasonable time in the morning – and the sun was shining! Still some snow on the ground from last weekend though. You will see from the last photo how close we were to having the shots spoiled by a passing DMU.

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3 minutes late at Stourbridge, but 3 minutes early passing Rowley – so a good climb up the bank!

Update 740. 66021 & 66188 on 6W19 at Cradley Heath, 24/03/13

I had noticed this train was booked to run & it fitted in perfectly with my return from the Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala. I caught the DMU from Kidderminster & the freight was only a few minutes behind me, so once back at Cradley I only had a few minutes to wait to see it. In fact the level crossing gates were only raised for a matter of seconds before being lowered again for this train.

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66021 was hauling the train, 66188 at the rear.

Update 739. Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala day 3, 24/03/13

The last day of the Gala. I wanted a ride on the auto train & caught the local to Arley behind 65, and there was just time to get my sandwich & jam sponge before 1450 was due to depart. My plan was to change trains at Bewdley & head back to Arley to see 34007 arrive. 1501 was waiting at Bewdley & I was soon on the way back to Arley. Fortunately 34007 arrived before the northbound trains, so a good opportunity of some photos of it approaching the station. 2 trains were booked to cross it here, 34053 on the first with 10 coaches, then 4566 with the Diner. Having taken many photos over the previous 2 days, and feeling rather cold, I caught the train headed by 34007 and returned to Kidderminster.

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34007 entering Arley station

Another 75 photos from Saturday have been added since the last update. They were taken at Arley, then some more at Highley before returning to Kidderminster.

The 75 photos are on the same link as yesterday

Update 738. Day 2 of the Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala, 23/03/13

The photos from today are very different to those from yesterday, due to several inches of snow having fallen. 34007 is also seen, apparently it was working yesterday afternoon after I had gone home – so I missed it. I haven’t time to finish the photos this evening, so more will be added tomorrow.

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34007 is seen arriving at Arley

Update 737. Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala day 1, 22/03/13

A shorter day than planned – I was home by 3pm. The weather was rather depressing, but the trains were enjoyable! I saw 3 of the visiting locos but 34007 apparently did not work a train until later in the day. 80072 took us to Highley, where we spent some time watching 65 & 1450, which were working the local trains. From there, 80072 took us to Arley for our sandwiches. Our final journey was with 34053 back to Kidderminster.

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80072 at Kidderminster

65 at Highley

1450 at Arley

Update 732. Engineers trains at Kidderminster, 27/02 & 03/02/13

Unbelievable, one train northbound an hour, but on both occasions this coincided with the southbound train. 66088 was seen on the first day, and 66053 with 66172 on the second day. The workings were ballast from Bescot to Norton Junction.

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I would have preferred to have been on the other platform, but no good with a DMU in the way