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Photos and Videos, 68002 and 66303 Stafford, 15/11/17

A couple of DRS workings seen at Stafford, plus some passenger workings. If you watch the video, you will notice I almost missed the Class 68 – it was going much faster than I expected, or maybe the Pendolino was just slow.

Units seen are 350101, 350377, 390009 and 390126.

Link to YouTube video

68002. 6G94 Crewe – Bescot.

Then a very s-l-o-w 66303. 6U77 Mountsorrell – Basford Hall.

34053, 7812, 57305 and 57312 Kidderminster, 04/11/17

Having seen the Northern Belle at my local station many times I decided to go somewhere different to see it. The timings were just right for a sandwich at Kidderminster Railway Museum and to see a couple of SVR trains as well. Arriving at the station, the Belle stock was at platform 1 and 34053 was approaching with a service train. Soon after the pacific departed, 57312 was easing the Belle stock out of the station to wait in the exchange siding for the journey to Crewe. I hurried round to the main line station to film it passing, then back to the SVR station to see 7812 arrive. I didn’t purposely avoid the DMU, I was having my sandwich and cuppa!

Link to YouTube video at the SVR station

Link to YouTube video at the mainline station

Class 90s at Stafford, 02/11/17

Three workings with Class 90 locos. 90037 seems to have avoided me in the past, unless it’s on one of the videos I’ve not uploaded – and there are plenty over recent years. A search shows my only uploaded photo of it was at Nuneaton in 2002.

90024 90039 Stafford – Crewe light engines, no doubt on test from Crewe.
90028 90037 4M25 Mossend – Daventry.
90045 90048 4S44 Daventry – Coatbridge.

Link to YouTube video

Red sheds at Stafford, 02/11/17

Almost 7 hours at Stafford, so plenty to see and film. I’ve started grouping the video clips together according to loco or company so as to avoid having too many short clips – as I know I have done in the past. Some uploads are already there to watch, but I’ll post the details and link to the video here.

Link to YouTube video

66185 66058 squirts 3J01 Bescot-Macclesfield-Euston.

66167 6O42 Halewood – Southampton.

66135 4L56 Trafford Park – London gateway.

Then squirts back again heading south.

66079 Crewe – Bescot l/e.

66128 6M48 Southampton – Halewood.

Way behind with everything again, as always!

What with the Severn Valley Railway Gala, the Birmingham Velo, a week away on holiday and even a couple of trips to Stafford to film trains, there has been so much editing and uploading to do that less important things like the blog and adding photos to the gallery just don’t get done.

The intentions are there, will I catch up? The final part of the gala was uploaded a few days ago, not sure how long the videos last – but plenty to see, must create a playlist. Same with the Velo, I’m sure that’s over an hour in total. Part way through both of the Stafford trips, must keep on plodding……