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71000 “Duke of Gloucester” at Highley today

Official opening for the Engine House today, 71000 worked a special train from Kidderminster for the occasion, carrying invited guests. Due to leave Highley soon after 2pm (I think?)

Needless to say I have some photos, some at Kidderminster as the train was leaving, others of it at Highley. Not waiting to see it depart from here as I’m hungry & want some lunch.

Update M124. 47818 + 43056 power car move

Only at Bromsgrove for about 20 minutes, during that time I photographed 170523, 170633, 43303, 43384 and finally 47818 with power car 43056, which was being moved from Brush at Loughborough to Landore..

A cloud passed over as the HST approached, I’m sure we’ve all had photos like that before, but at least the sun was shining for the Class 47 & power car.

47818 & 43056 are seen here:-

SVR 26th April

Down by the river to see 42968 on the Venturer, heading for Arley. Up at the station, 7802 was on the LMS set, passing 46443 on Footplate Experience.

Next trains to Cross were 7812 on the GW diner & 4566 on blood & custards.

Good to see plenty of people out & enjoying a train ride, plus the lovely weather.

SVR 25th April

With the rain falling quite heavily when I opened the curtains this morning, the walk to Arley looked like it was off. Fortunately it brightened up and we made it to the station.

The 11.38 for Kidderminster was hauled by 42968 with the LMS set. Next trains were 4566 to Bridgnorth with blood & custards, crossing with 46443 on Footplate Experience.

Finally, 7802 on the teaks with the 12.56 to Kidderminster.

Trains around Birmingham, 23rd April

I had plans to see 3 trains today, would I succeed in seeing them all? Unfortunately it was not possible to go to just 1 location to see them, so had to move for the 3rd train.

The day got off to a bad start, the first train I had to travel on at 09.35 was cancelled – so had to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Because of this, there was not time to change at Galton Bridge for the local electric and I had to go to Snow Hill & run to New Street to catch the DMU to Walsall.

I arrived at Walsall about 3 minutes before 62005 appeared from the tunnel, running about 10 minutes early. So, only just managed to photograph the first of the 3 trains.

Other locos seen were:-
08907 shunting at Bescot
37893 & 37895 (plus others) dumped at Bescot
08632 shunting at Bescot
66593 on empty liner train
66565 on coal train
66561 on coal train
66141 on coal train
DR80208 Stoneblower
66184 on container train
66550 on coal train
Then finally, my next target, running late:-
37670, hauling 66250 & 66124.

A couple of minutes later, the train for New St. arrived, and we were on it. Then racing across to Moor St. for a train to Dorridge. Units seen between here & Dorridge were 168110, 168002, 168112 & 165034.

Finally, the 3rd “target” for the day, the Colas train to Dollands Moor, with 47749 & 47739. Then off home.

47749 & 47739

Seen at Dorridge, working the Colas train to Dollands Moor.

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37670 0D44

37670 hauling 66250 & 66124 through Walsall 13.09

Sharpo, out & about with camera & low-tec communicating device – Web site home page – Blog, for all updates & my latest news

62005 today

Seen passing through Walsall today

Sharpo, out & about with camera & low-tec communicating device – Web site home page – Blog, for all updates & my latest news

Update M123. Longbridge, for 6M67 “Nuke”

Makes a change for me to be adding photos again. Haven’t really got back into a routine as yet, so will tie up loose ends later.

As mentioned in the “Main Line” category, I saw 6M67 at Longbridge today – this is the Bridgwater to Crewe flask train. Unfortunately it doesn’t run round the Dark Side anymore, meaning if I want to see it then I have to travel. At least it passes this area in daylight now.

66177 worked the 6V06 Kingsbury to Cardiff scrap.
Two northbound HSTs were also seen, 43301/03 & 43384/21. Plus a few DMUs of course.

37087 & 37688 on 6M67