Daily Archives: April 10, 2009

SVR 10th April

It was wet, didn’t take KC & only called in at Bewdley for a cuppa. Saw the trains cross at about 2.30 – the one heading to Bridgnorth was 4566, 7812 was on the train for Bridgnorth. Unfortunately didn’t see the “Duke”.

Amazing the number of people we know & speak to at the station, think it was 9 today, part of the enjoyment of calling in at the Railway.

Had a good “play” with Minibook pc today

It takes a bit of getting used to, you know where all the usual keys are on your regular pc, but with a smaller keyboard & slightly different layout it can be confusing.

Today I managed to connect to the Internet whilst on the train, downloaded e-mails & browsed web sites. One thing to avoid is using the internet in tunnels, obvious really! You don’t get a good connection.

Checking my mobile broadband usage, it has only cost 38p so far. I think this proves a pay as you go package is suitable for me. I don’t know much about internet phones, but they seemed very expensive, not only to buy but monthly usage costs as well. £10 lasted me 6 months on my cheapo payg ‘phone from Asda, and the 1gb of data (cost £15) on my Vodafone usb modem should also keep me going for a few months.

All I need now is some sunny weather, some worthwhile trains to go and see locally, and the opportunity to get out for a few hours.