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Update 839. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe passing Langley Green, 28/09/13

“The Welsh Marches”, run by Vintage Trains, is seen passing Langley Green on the way from Tyseley to Hereford. I noticed a head hanging out of the cab on the far side as the train approached, and it wasn’t going very fast, losing a couple of minutes between Smethwick & Rowley – but there can’t have been much of a problem as it was soon back on schedule and arrival time back in Birmingham was about half an hour early in the evening.

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You can see the head in this shot, don’t think he was trying to get in the photo!!

Update 837. 4936 Kinlet Hall at the SVR 2013

Another set of photos from the SVR Autumn Gala, this time showing 4936 in action. Also included are some photos of it at Smethwick Galton Bridge as it headed to Kidderminster before the gala. It hasn’t left the SVR yet, so there may be more photos to be added to this album if I see it working again during this visit.

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4936 approaching Highley, also Met. no. 1

Update 835. Photos of Metropolitan no. 1 at the SVR

Having uploaded my gala photos, it seemed a good idea to create an album to show all the photos of no. 1. You will also see the photos taken in 2012 when it ran some high speed test runs between Bewdley & Kidderminster, no other trains were running on that day. I was fortunate to notice the loco as I was driving down the bypass at Bewdley, otherwise I would not have any photos of that unusual event.

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No. 1 at Arley on 28/09/13, in use to train some TFL drivers

Update 833. Last day of SVR Autumn Steam Gala, 22/09/13

Unfortunately 46233 did not run today, but 4936, 925 & Met. no. 1 are seen along with the resident fleet. The bonus today was Met. no. 1 running from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster & return. My day started at Arley, just like a normal weekend, mainly because the Dark Side train service is not too good on a Sunday. I did travel to Highley, as that was where most of the action was, but returned when the shadows grew too long. Back at Arley the sun was just right for some photos at the north end of the station.

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Met. no. 1 at Highley

Update 832. Day 2 of SVR Autumn Steam Gala, 21/09/13

Only had a few minutes to board the train at Kidderminster, so first photos are at Arley. Well, where else would I go for my sandwiches? After photographing a few trains, I was off to Highley where most of the locos are seen – 4936, 925 & 46233 plus the resident locos 5164, 5643, 34053 & 43106 (yes, I know 5643 is on a long term visit)

I did take some videos during the day, but they take a while to upload so will be added later.

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A nice shot of 46233 at Highley

Update 831. Day 1 of SVR Autumn Steam Gala, 20/09/13

The first day always seems to start at Kidderminster for me, probably because I travel there by train. 925 was on the first departure to Bridgnorth, 46233 on the second. 4936 should’ve been on the third but it left the stock behind & ran light towards Bewdley –  apparently 46233 had brake problems and had been taken off the train at Bewdley. 43106 then took over the train 4936 should’ve hauled. I travelled to Hampton Loade to see Metropolitan no. 1, stopping off at Arley on the way. A reasonable set of photos but had to head off home mid afternoon.

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925 departing from Kidderminster, shame about the coach shunted in the way a few minutes earlier!

Update 830. 46233 Duchess of Hamilton passing Cradley Heath, 23/09/13

The Severn Valley Railway gala is over. The Duchess is seen returning to Butterley after attending the gala, but unfortunately had some brake problems during the weekend. It was taken of its first train on Friday with brake problems, 4936 was in turn taken of its train to run light to Bewdley to take over from the Duchess, 43106 taking over from 4936 and 1501 working the freight instead of 43106.

46233 did work again Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, but on Sunday was replaced by 43106.

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Seen passing Cradley Heath station