About Sharpo

Lives in the West Midlands of the UK
Closest railway is the one that runs round the “Dark Side”
Married to “Mrs. S.”
Has a Border Terrier dog
Likes taking photos of trains
Prefers steam locos to diesels, but has to make do with whatever is running locally
Doesn’t travel too far these days, mostly with a cheapo local rail ticket
Gets his West Midlands concessionary pass later this year – yippee!
Is hopeless at identifying cars, commercial vehicles & tractors, which is why many of those photos have no captions
Good at starting “projects” but hopeless at finishing them
Disorganised & untidy

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1 thought on “About Sharpo

  1. david wallace(postman)

    See the Bridgewater flask came past Kings Norton 15.00 dave baker Northfield 14.58.To cold to wait for it .Nice shots of 1Q13.See you again

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