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Update 649. Locos at Arley, also new point being installed at Kidderminster, 12/08/12

A very wet day at Arley, 3650, 4566, 7812 & 43106 seen in action. On the way home we stopped off at Kidderminster for a look at the new point being installed. This is for the upgraded connection to Network Rail. As I had the camera with the long lens, I was unable to include the crane in the shot, but it is interesting to see how the pointwork comes together.

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Makes a change not to show a loco!

Another option for finding and viewing photos.

My photo uploads are very hit & miss. I often forget photos I have taken & they don’t get added to the galleries, but last night I came up with a great idea. It might also be of use to people using mobile phones who want to see a selection of photos.

I am going to try & list the photos I have uploaded, but in the order they were taken. For each date, I will list the numbers of the locos seen & include a link to the appropriate gallery. Also included will be  a link to the blog page, which will usually give some details about what was happening. Finally, a “mobile” link, which hopefully will work for people with the more recent mobile phones. The “mobile” link will also be of use to people who just want a quick view of each of the locos.

Any comments appreciated!

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Only a few dates for August 2012 so far, but it will give you some idea what my plan is.

Update 643. 34053, 3650, 4566, 43106, 50031 & 50135 at Arley, 26/08/12

I made sure we arrived at Arley before the arrival of 34053 on the first train from Bridgnorth, and the sun was shining! It was hauling 9 coaches, and on the return journey pulled away from Arley without any trouble. 50135 worked the first diesel round trip, 50031 on the second, 43106 on the Limited also had 9 on, as the obbo was on the rear.

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The photo has to be of 34053

Update 641. 34053 Sir Keith Park hauling a service train at the Severn Valley Railway, 23/08/12

34053 Sir Keith Park hauled its first service train on August 22nd, it was at the Bridgnorth end of the train, with 2857 at the other end. I was hoping it would work the same train the following day, as we had arranged to go to Highley and I would be able to get some photos of it. Making sure I had finished lunch in plenty of time, I waiting by the Engine House, camera at the ready. First photos show it approaching, then a mad dash to get in front of the train, ready for departure. After a struggle to get the train on the move, the other photos show it heading away towards Bridgnorth, with a little assistance from 2857.

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This was the first attempt to start the train

Update 640. Chiltern bubble car 960014 to Kidderminster, 21/08/12

It seems a long time since the last one but I finally manage another photo update! The Chiltern bubble car had run to Moor Street from Aylesbury in the morning and was booked to run to Kidderminster in the afternoon. Unfortunately, late running upset the schedule and my plans went wrong, it didn’t even stop at Cradley Heath on the return run and my view from the other platform was blocked by another train.

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Rolling down through Old Hill