Monthly Archives: March 2017

Another update to the app!

6 days later and much thinking and editing, the app now has a box to enter a location code and map url of your choice! It’s getting better, but not really finished yet. I will have to amend the “instructions” to include the new feature but need some time to mess around using it to try and find any problems. I have updated the .apk file to be the new version.

The .apk file can be downloaded from here


My app is improving, this is how it looks now

I’ve redesigned the appearance of the main screen and added links to Traksy maps and National Rail live departure boards.

The .apk file for this version can be downloaded from here

I was using it yesterday when I went to Longbridge and everything seemed OK. I do have further ideas though…. Watch this space!


Instructions on how to install the .apk file are in the earlier posting, the link in that post has been changed to the same as the one in this post

My West Midlands Realtime Trains Timetable app (Android only)

See more recent post, as the app has been updated!!

I usually access Realtime Trains timetables via bookmarks in my browser, but then had the idea of writing an android app to link easily to the tables I am most likely to use. After a couple of hours I had made great progress, although it was working – it was a complicated mess. So I started again and having learnt from my mistakes it only took a few hours to get the basic app working correctly. I then needed to improve the appearance of it and created some coloured buttons for the app. This is now how it looks on my mobile:-


There are 3 options, based on how I normally use it in my browser. All trains for the current hour – handy if I’m briefly at a station or catching a train, then non-passenger 6am – 8pm, which I would probably check at the start of a day, then finally non-passenger over a 4 hour period – useful if I am waiting to see some freights. All options are set to actual times, not WTT.

If you wish to try it, I have created an .apk file which you can download and install on your mobile – Android only though!

You might wish to read the following guide if you have never installed an app from an.apk file:-

Follow this link to download the app file.