Monthly Archives: April 2015

Update 1049. Video playlist 56087, 153371 & 170635 at Small Heath, 21/04/15

The 56 video was filmed after my arrival on 153371/170635, but I reversed the order to get a better thumbnail for the playlist. I wasn’t expecting 56087 to run so early, you can actually see it approaching if you watch the DMU clip – I was surprised to notice it after I finished filming that & quickly moved to the other platform edge to film it.

Update 1047. Video playlist 66115, 66097, 67006 & 66194 at Old Hill 19/04/15

Two engineers trains from Norton Jn. were due up the Dark Side during the afternoon. A banker was required for one of them & is seen in the first clip running down to Stourbridge. Next clip shows 66097 with a very long train & of course the banker. Soon after that was 67006 on the Cornish Riviera Statesman. Finally 66194 on the second engineers train.

Update 1042. Videos of 66014, 172333 & 172334 at Hagley, 09/04/15

It’s not often I see the Round Oak trains anywhere but Stourbridge, but my train was cancelled due to a fatality at Tyseley. There was just time to get back home, then drive to Hagley. Unfortunately the northbound train had run early & I missed that, but did see 66014 – which is the one I didn’t have a video of. We had originally planned to drive to a nearby garden centre later in the morning, but, I got my toasted teacake earlier than planned – so it wasn’t a pointless car journey just to see a train!!

Update 1040. Playlist of 57002 & 57004, then 67008 at Old Hill, 07/04/15

I can’t remember the last time the flask train came this way in the evening, but as it was the first flask train for several weeks it was good to see it. Only 15 minutes to wait for the Chiltern train from London, and as you will see the DMU cleared about 4 seconds before 67008 appeared, and nobody on the platform to get in the way!!