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SVR 27th November

Gave the river walk a miss today & walked to Bewdley station instead, caught the DMU to Arley and had about half an hour for sandwiches & a cuppa before the DMU returned from Highley and took us back to Bewdley. 46443 was working the other train, which crossed with the DMU at Bewdley and 7802 looked in steam on Rock siding.

We were in the rear car of the DMU, facing the rear of the train, KC would rather see where she is going & stood on my lap with hers paws over my shoulder so that she could get a better view!!

Update 401. 35028 Clan Line at Crewe on a test run, 22/11/10

As mentioned in an e-mail posting yesterday, had a trip to Crewe to see Clan Line, which was due to run 2 test runs to Chester & return. I couldn’t get there to see it depart on the first run, but was ready for it on the return. Fortunately it stayed in the station long enough for me to cross to another platform for some photos on the sunny side. It would be about an hour & a half before it set off from the Heritage Centre on the second run and the light wouldn’t be too good, especially as clouds hid the sun, but I waited and the shots aren’t too bad. You have to suffer the cold & poor light when it’s a loco that’s rarely seen in this area!

Link to photos

One of the photos in the sun, as it was reversing to the Heritage Centre:-

SVR 21st November

Bit too muddy for a walk by the river, so straight up to Arley station, arriving just as 4566 was on the way back from Highley. Then time for a cuppa & sandwiches before the DMU would appear on the next train for Highley. Bitterly cold so a second round of hot drinks to await the diner, hauled by 7802.

Can’t say I wasn’t pleased to be heading home to a warm house after the departure of the diner & the DMU.

SVR 20th November

We knew in advance that refreshments would not be available at Arley, so headed to Bewdley for lunch. First train seen was D8188, with 2 Siphons & 2 tank wagons for Arley. This was held until the service trains had crossed, 4566 on one train and the other was the 3-car DMU.

Photos of classic cars at Cheshire Steam Fair, Tabley House, 2005

Not much to photograph at this time of year, so perhaps I should try to improve the “untidy” parts of the galleries. Road vehicles have always been hard work for me, as I’m not good at identifying them, and programmes weren’t always too helpful. The removal of web site pages a year or two ago after being “hacked” didn’t help either, so I will spend some time browsing car photos and try to link up more of the galleries from this blog.

A set of 43 photos of cars at the Cheshire steam fair seemed an easy starting place and a list of registrations, make, model and year (if known) has been created.

List of car photos

The above is the first page to be added in the “Traction Engine Rally” section of this blog. Hopefully more pages like this will be added for the other rallies I attended.

If any information is wrong, or you can add information – let me know.

I always like to add a photo, so here is a 1953 Citroen

Sharpos-World photo gallery is now running Coppermine 1.5.8

Phew, what a relief, the upgrade has worked. Even made modifications to make some of the pages my usual yellow colour.

What is different to the previous version? It is probably much more “secure” etc. but the main differences will be what you can see. Firstly, you can now move backwards & forwards through the thumbnails in the filmstrip alongside the intermediate image by using the little blue arrows (the up arrow takes you backwards and the down arrow forwards) Next, when looking at intermediate images, you can move backwards or forwards through the intermediate images using the arrow left or arrow right keys on the keyboard. The arrow down key will show or hide the file information, finally the arrow up key will take you up a level to the page of thumbnail for that album. Now that I like, so much easier than the mouse!

Thumbnails for an album can now be set to “random”, so when the settings have all been altered the thumbnails for those albums will keep changing. Finally for now, thumbnails will show for albums with linked files.

Hopefully I will enable comments to be added again soon. I disabled comments years ago, due to spambots etc.

Just noticed the main page is showing literally hundreds of thumbnails for all the different albums, maybe I need to alter the settings to reduce the number of thumbnails. Now I’m confused………

(Just editing the configuration for the gallery home page to cut down on the number of thumbnails that show, so things could change!!!)